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 Singles caravans pass through we will circle the wagons from time to time for a pit-stop lunch or a break at our recommended owner operator business along the route, picking up local singles that want to join the caravan as we go. Your business has been selected as a pit stop. we will normally meet up at Hooters as we go. A trivia game  with questions about our recommended business will give prizes as well as an online radio station with bingo, If interested in being a part of this email me FunrunnersBeaches@gmail.com there are several routes our hubs for example for the New York to New Orleans route hubs will be Atlanta and  Birmingham. We will post a time to meet at one of our hub recommended businesses, WE ARE Selecting our businesses they will be 4 f’s or better Friendly, Fair priced, Fine Fixen’s, fantastic service. Saddle up.or call anytime,joshua 256 368 7859SINGLES LATE LUNCH AT 2

Cost: reataurants is 5 meals a month, bars are 4 $25 Bar tabs a month. now think about it how many people eat or drink alone, so restaurants will likely pick up 2 to 4 new customers with each winner and bars know that the winner will bring friends and likely spend more than 25 on the first stop. Anda bars at our destination will have new tourist customers for a week there is limited slots, so if interested let us know we will check you out and hopefully put you on the game in a few days

When you email send mr at least 5 questions and answers about your business for the trivia game

route 1b. nEW YORK  I-81 TO HARRISBURG I-81 TO KNOXVILLE I-75 TO ATLANTA -I-20TO BIRMINGHAM TO hwy 280 toward Alex  city apit-stop at Lloyds for best steak you ever  aton toTO Opelika/hwy431 ON eufaula THEN dothan TO PANAMA CITY BEACH