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Catch the Funrunner

Visit one of our sponsored locations!! We will have a Funrunner waiting to be found by you at one of our sponsored locations! Look for the Funrunners hat and ask if he/she is a Funrunner. That’s it!! When you catch the Funrunner, not only are you entered to win a vacation of a lifetime, but the Funrunner will give you $50 on the spot!!! So get out there and catch you a Funrunner!!!

Trivia Challange

Visiting one of our sponsored locations? Like trivia!!!?? Well start playing and win big!!! Funrunners will be asking trivia questions at our sponsored locations. Each question you answer correctly will give you points! Get involved and answer correctly, and you can enter to win an awesome Gulf Coast Trip!!!! Players with the most points at the end of the term could win bar tabs, dinner for 2 at a sponsored location, Funrunners hats and shirts, and a trip to the beach!!!

Get a Clue

Playing trivia already at a sponsored location??!! Awesome!! You are on your way to the fun! As you rack up points playing funrunner trivia, we will also be giving hints to where and when you can catch a funrunner. Put $50 in your pocket when you catch a funrunner, and win that trip!!!!! Be open minded in picking your trivia team and have fun. That is what is all about! Good people, good times, and the best places!!

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